Getting the Job You Deserve: Advice for the Job-seeker from a Veteran Recruiter

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Getting the Job You Deserve: Advice for the Job-seeker from a Veteran Recruiter

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Learn how to hack your career with secrets other recruiters don't want you to know. With over 1.1 million followers on LinkedIn, Lou Adler knows what he's talking about.

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This rough & tumble video series is the job-seeker's companion to veteran recruiter and originator of Performance-based Hiring Lou Adler's new book, The Essential Guide for Hiring & Getting Hired. Illustrating the job-hunting process from beginning to end, candidates will learn how to navigate the system to get the job that they deserve. This dense, 53-minute program is the essential coaching session for job-seekers from one of the top experts demystifying all aspects of the hiring process.

Listen for the right tips for you, and the effect is like a one-on-one coaching session from a veteran recruiter. If you are in the job-hunting mode, this series will shift your perspective and put you more clearly in the driver's seat. The idea is that the right tip or shift in perspective as you begin your career or shift to your next position could change the trajectory of your whole life.

Topics include tips on networking, interviewing, preparing a resume, developing a successful online presence and negotiating & closing an offer. However, the greatest value to the serious job-seeker is how Lou captures the perspective of a veteran headhunter, putting all these factors into the context of Performance-based Hiring

Here's what Lou will cover:

  • How to prepare a great resume
  • The importance of optimizing your LinkedIn profile & online presence
  • How Performance-based Hiring is key no matter on what side of the hiring desk you find yourself
  • How to understand recruiters from their perspective and become the solution to their problems
  • How networking for job-seekers is surpassing job applications and becoming the key to maximizing your potential
  • How to turn the interview process to your advantage by understanding Performance-based Hiring
  • Negotiating tips for the job-seeker from a recruiter who's been there thousands of times
  • How to use an understanding of Performance-based Hiring & frame the conversation to your advantage

The effect of this short course is like a personal coaching session for the job-seeker who is looking for practical insights that will lead them down the road to success.

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10 module video series

Running Time
53 minutes
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